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Wireless Dog Fence Waterproof System With Rechargeable Collars

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Millions of dogs are killed on the roads each year because cars simply don't see them. Make sure to keep them safe and confined to your desired range with the Wireless Dog Fence System.


Do you still have a fear that your dog will run away?, How about eliminating your fear with this invisible dog fence? This wireless dog fence is the best way to let your pet have the freedom of your yard without the fear of them running away.


The wireless fence uses a constant radio signal to create a safety zone with a range up to 500 meters. If the dog is beyond the setting distance, the receiver collar will start-up by a warning tone


The one reason that this product is different from competitors is that the other wireless dog fence systems harm the pet as it gives them a heavy shock. But this invisible dog fence system is completely safe for your dog!





How Many Dogs Can Be on The Same System?


An unlimited number of receivers/collars are supported at the same time. Please install the transmitter 4-6 ft. from the ground with no metal wall interference, so as not to interfere with the wireless signal, affecting the remote control distance


  • Wireless System: This invisible dog fence is a completely wireless system & it has a circular signal area based on the center of the transmitter.
  • Improved & Extra Range: The max range is up to 500 meters and min. the range is 20 meters from the transmitter.
  • Warning Tone: Progressive tone stimulus-a warning tone first and then gave a slight shock stimulus if your dog would not stop moving to the boundary.
  • Waterproof & Rechargeable: This Wireless dog fence is waterproof & rechargeable as well.
  • Easy To Control: You can set the control range within the max range easily



Step 1: Plan your layout
Step 2: Install and test your system
Step 3: Place the collar on your dogs and find the right stimulation level
Step 4: Train your dog in short sessions during the next two weeks


Features & Benefits:

  • Signal field is a circular boundary
  • Progressive warning tone
  • Variable field width control
  • Speed detect Anti-run through
  • Multiple collars operation
  • Waterproof & Rechargeable Collar Receiver
  • A Water-resistant TPU collar fits dog neck sizes 
  • 100 Levels adjustable correction
  • Range: 500m Dimension:


Q1) What is the maximum range from the transmitter?

  • The maximum range from the transmitter is 500 Meters

Q2) Is this safe for dogs?

  • Absolutely! It will not harm your pet.

Q3) Will this wireless invisible dog fence system works?

  • Yes,  If the dog is beyond the set distance, the receiver collar will start-up by a warning tone & then if your dog is still beyond the distance then it will give a static shock (static shock is safe & it doesn't harm your pet)

Q4) How often do I recharge the collar?

  • You just need to charge for 2 hours, its inbuilt lithium battery will work for more than 24 hours.
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